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About LeroyMac Designs – Our Farm, Our Sheep, Our Wool, Our Story!

LeroyMac Merino Sheep Farm

Since 2010 Leroy Mac Designs have been developing a range of pure Merino Wool baby garments that will give your little ones the feel and comfort that only comes from the natural fibres of Australian Merino Wool.

After four years of searching, we were fortunate enough to find an Italian spinner, who would process our greasy wool into the yarn that we require for our product, and we are now using the BEST of each years wool clip in all of our garments. In doing so “From Farm to Fashion – Yalong Yarn” was born.

Our pure wool blankets help in regulating body temperature, producing a warm micro-climate in winter and a cool climate in summer, are resistant to bacteria, molds and mildew, and of course flame resistant. Made from super wash wool our range of garments are all machine washable.

“Being fourth generation Merino wool growers, Leroy Mac Designs owner Rebecca and Rod McErvale know and understand the benefits of wool and through our constant research and development programs are creating a range of garments that are both contemporary and elegant.

By using OUR Merino Wool, we are able to produce the exceptional feel of softness, comfort and quality that Leroy Mac Designs range of garments are known for. We are very proud that we are one of only a few 100% Australian owned businesses that produce quality wool products right here in country Victoria from wool off  THEIR OWN farm. 

For centuries pure, natural wool has been used by humans for clothing, and try as they may scientists have not been able to reproduce the natural properties of wool synthetically. Merino Wool is an unique natural fibre and being sourced from our OWN farm we have full control over our fibre and the ability to incorporate comfort, style, coolness, drape , elasticity, wrinkle recovery, tenacity and warmth in our garments making it the ideal choice in clothing for your family.