Benefits of Merino

merino wool fiber

Benefits of Merino Wool

Australian Merino Wool is nature’s wonder fibre — one of the best fabrics for children’s wear.

  • Merino Wool has a naturally high wick ability rate absorbing more moisture than cotton from the body creating a much stable body temperature giving a much better sleep.
  • Merino Wool is difficult to ignite, won’t melt and can tend to self extinguish making it an ideal choice in children’s bedding.
  • Merino Wool has natural odor fighting and antibacterial properties that absorb and neutralize body odors.
  • Merino Wool is hypoallergenic being resistant to mould, mildew, bacteria and dust mites which can trigger asthma and allergic reactions to some people.
  • Merino Wool is naturally elastic and will retain its shape even after being wrapped around your baby or tucked under a cot mattress.
  • Merino Wool is a natural renewable resource requiring no harsh chemicals to process and creating very little carbon footprint.
  • Merino Wool garments retains there appearance and stays newer looking for longer. It is biodegradable so after lasting for decades and no longer of use can be returned to earth for natural recycling.
  • Our Merino Wool garments are machine washable.